Tips for Playing Roulette

Roulette can be a complete source of entertainment, fun and a great source of income for the players’ worldwide, offline as well as in online form. For many gamers, maintenance of a good bankroll on a roulette table can be very tricky. There are varieties of options to choose and therefore it is difficult to decide which of the moves the best to make are. A perfect timing of making moves is important as well.

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Accumulating your Roulette Bankroll

If you wish to improve your roulette odds, then you must always stick with the Outside wagers. The outside wager means black, red, even, odd, three dozens, low, high and the end columns. All these Outside bets offer you 94.74% investment return in the long run on the American Version of roulette. And a whopping 97.7% investment returns on the European table or the French one.

So, if you play the game in a steady manner, you can accumulate regular source of income in the long run. The return might not be too huge like a straight line bet. Normally a straight line bet on a single number pays out in ratio of 35:1. In turn the even money bets like the black, red, high, low, odd; even give a payout of only 1:1 whereas a dozens or a column wager pays out in the ratio of 2:1.

Actually the chances of winning the straight line bet are merely 2.63% in case of an American Roulette and it is marginally better in the European and French Version at 2.7%.

So, just by sticking in the outside edge, you can increase the chances of winning odds to a lot of extent and will also help you to win this game for a long time. It will also aid you in diversifying the wagers over a lot of areas in maximizing your chances of getting more returns on each and every spin of the roulette wheel.

For instance, placing even money bets on odd, reds, high, mid dozen and the center columns give you 83 to 84% chance of winning on every spin with bright chances of major winnings on and often. While it is a fact that it won’t give you terrific returns, but small returns are guaranteed in each of the spins. It will also give assurance of staying in this game and have the potential to win big, if your ball rests in the area that you have covered heavily.

Always keep in mind that you must start small and gradually increase your bankroll when you feel that there is sure shot profit in the game. The most important point is to remove your earnings from the table in intervals so that you do not risk your whole bankroll immediately after winning it. It is extremely simple to get fixed in roulette and finally end up betting more than you could pay for.

In the short as well as long run, this policy will be beneficial as you won’t be wagering your whole earnings at one go. If this is not followed, you will see your bankroll vanishing just in a matter of time. So the best option is to walk away smiling with a huge bankroll. You need to mind your wins and always make it a point to walk out when you are doing good and come back the next day happily.

One thing that can aide in creating a bankroll are the bonuses that casinos will give to new customers. Not many of the bonuses accept bets on roulette, but there are still a few that do. You can find a list of those roulette casino bonuses here.

Roulette Systems

If you desire to put an end to lose at a roulette game, first you must bring an end to the systems of the roulette that undertakes the winning of the roulette. Stop those false hopes on such systems. They do not work at all. Why not take a look at some of the systems at beating online roulette.

In order to stop losing, you must actually know how to wager with the best winning odds to get success. The bets made can tell you how one can get the house edge down to 1.24%. Considering the fact that roulette is of probability, even 1.24% is good enough. Let us understand why these hyped systems do not work.

It is very childish to think that after putting hundreds you will in turn get thousands from the roulette systems. Roulette systems do not work as they are strictly based of math’s assuming that the past data will help you to predict the future accurately. These assumptions are baseless. As this is the game of probability you cannot predict the future. So, I request you to save some of your money. The fact is that each rotation of the roulette wheel is individual from all the others, therefore one cannot depend on the previous data.

Once you have understood that you cannot win from the systems, let’s go in to the ways of winning roulette. When you are trying to lower down the casinos house edge, you have to keep two points in mind.

Play in the Roulette table that offers you the best odds

European wheel game has 37 slots, whereas American has 38 slots with a double zero. The American version has a house edge of 5.26% whereas it is 2.7%. So opt for the European version as it is more advantageous for you.

Wager on the Game that equals the Best odds

Go for the even money wagers. These bets can be on even, odds, low, high, red or black. These bets pay 1:1 and the winning odds are around 45%.

Closing the space

In a European roulette you will find a wager that uses the rule of “in prison”. If you bet on “en Prison” and if the ball stops at the number zero, then you do not lose your wager. You just carry that forward to a next rotation. If you win the bet, you can remove the in prison wager from the table. So the casinos advantage will reduce to 1.35%. So this is the best wager with the best winning odds for the player.

If you desire to win, then you must play safe with the odds in your own favor and not in the favor of casinos.

The systems try to stretch the odds against the player and guarantee you to lose the game. Do not get tricked by the systems in roulette. I have given you easy ways of beating the casino and saved you from losing thousands of dollars on roulette. Roulette is an exciting and fantastic game and by exploring this game of chance you will surely get the good winning odds in your favor.